Waterborne Coatings Industry


Water-based coatings


Water-based paint is a viscous liquid made of resin, or oil, or emulsion, with the addition of appropriate additives, and prepared with organic solvents or water. Good performance water-based paints also have excellent operating properties, good hiding power, strong film adhesion, good water retention properties and other characteristics. Cellulose ethers are the most suitable raw material to provide these properties.


The water retention properties of cellulose ethers provide excellent coating properties for latex coatings, especially high PVC coatings, and for thick pastes. It does not flocculate; its high thickening effect reduces the amount used, improves the economics of the formulation and improves the performance of the coating system. Suspension. The excellent rheological properties in the paint maintain the optimum thickening of the paint in the stationary state; in the poured state, it possesses Excellent flow and no splattering; easy to spread on the substrate during brushing and roller coating, easy to apply; finally, when the paint is applied, it is easy to spread on the substrate. The viscosity of the system is restored immediately after completion, and the paint is immediately sagging.

After proper surface treatment, Maxcellulose ethers can effectively prevent agglomeration during dissolution, fully dispersed, sufficient dissolution time and viscosity rise rate can simplify the production process; modified Maxcellulose ethers also have good anti-fungal properties, provide sufficient paint storage time, effective prevention of pigment and filler sedimentation.

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